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About Us

A B O U T   U S

Welcome To Amanda Francis - Jones, Stuebben Saddle Fitter, Flocker and Retailer.

We are proud to be a part of the international circuit and have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Amanda has been around horses all her life and has won gold and bronze medals in Pony Show Jumping and the Foreign Young Rider events as a coach and competitor. She has the experience and enthusiasm to work alongside athletes maximizing the horse's balance and freedom of movement in each natural gait. Rest assured knowing that your saddle fitting and aftersale experience with Amanda Francis - Jones is founded upon a wealth of experience, dedication and attention to detail.

We offer bespoke saddle fittings and services (SMS and Stubben Qualified) whilst retailing Stuebben's luxurious leather goods and metalware. Our ideology encompasses individualism. We believe that every horse and rider is different which is why we are dedicated to tailoring products and services that suit each horse and rider. 

Between a wide range of Trees, Paneling, Flocking and style options; Stubben products mirror our individualistic approach. Stubben also forms a part of our forward-thinking equestrian identity as a sustainable and environmentally conscious brand. 

We push the paradigm of a 'classical brown saddle'. Our Custom style packages put modern design into practice. Where classically timeless meets fabulous Ferrari Red trims and extensive range of styles.

Our Team continues to grow with more and more Supported Riders performing at elite levels across a variation of equestrian disciplines. As part of that growth, we also buy and sell Stübben Second Hand saddles.

Welcome To Amanda Francis - Jones, Stuebben Saddle Fitter, Flocker and Retailer.



Stübben's longstanding heritage and reputation stems back over one-hundred and twenty years to its founding farther Johannes Stübben who curated Stübben in 1894. Built upon historical experience, expertise and continuous communication with a fleet of international athletes, innovation is paramount. And, our luxurious raw materials guarantee a quality combination of functionality, style and modern design enabling elite performance.


Stübben solely processes sustainable raw materials, such as vegetable-tanned leather. All crucial for our environmentally friendly production that creates added value for the horse and rider. Leather exclusively used by Stübben, Gucci and Prada.


 Stübben own their manufacturing sites crucially allowing produce to be highly controlled and monitored throughout the entire production starting from the input of raw materials up to the finish. 



S U P R E M E  Q U A L I T Y


C O N T A C T  U S

The start of your STÜBBEN experience with Amanda Francis - Jones is just moments away, so contact us today on:

Phone: 07816 120 842 (Amanda)



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